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Toplar Kozolece

Hayracks are structures that are typical of the Alpine region and have been subject to 102.jpegcontinuous additions and adjustments in order to satisfy the needs of the Slovene farmers throughout the centuries. The single hayrack, used for the drying of hay and corn, was expanded into a double, fully roofed structure which provided shelter for farm implements. Unlike the single hayrack which used to be built in meadows, the double hayrack was usually erected next to the farmhouse. Later on, the double hayrack was added another storey, i.e. a loft under the roof which was used for the storing of corn, small farm implements and other things for which there was no room in the house.

The double hayrack is gradually being supplanted by new methods of farming and new building techniques and is most likely headed for total extinction. Nowadays, double hayracks can already be found in a very limited number in Koroško, Dolenjsko, the Sava Valley and in some places of Gorenjsko, which is their natural "habitat".


It this very reason that makes a model double hayrack, crafted in correct proportions, so much more valuable. If it is bound for extinction in its natural environment, let it adorn your bookshelf as a faithful copy of this characteristic piece of Slovene farm architecture.

Cveto Vrbovšek

Twee hayracks naast elkaar   Een leuke site met prachtige voorbeelden van sloveense hooibergen. 

Photo by Ellen Land-Weber, Professor of Art, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA USA


Some pictures from Croatië

KroatieSlovenie2004 012 (Large)_small.jpg  KroatieSlovenie2004 018 (Large)_small.jpg

KroatieSlovenie2004 021 (Large)_small.jpg  KroatieSlovenie2004 059 (Large)_small.jpg

KroatieSlovenie2004 063 (Large)_small.jpg  KroatieSlovenie2004b 098 (Large)_small.jpg

Foto's Suzan Jurgens en Tom van Engers 2004

thooiberg-1-Vodjnan.JPG            tistrie_2010_2.JPG


tistrie_2010_3.JPG         tistrie_2010_4.JPG\

tistrie_2010_5.JPGFoto's Wim Lanphen 2010

tistrie_2010_7.JPG      tistrie_2010_6.JPG

t2010_istrie_11.JPG            t2010_istrie_12.JPG


t2010_istrie_14.JPG         t2010_istrie_15.JPG






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